How To Negotiate Tree Removal?


Cutting down trees on your own can be a tricky task if you’re not experienced. You may end up damaging your personal or even others’ property. This is the main reason why people usually hire professionals. It’s better not to risk ourselves and others by doing this work on our own. Now, hiring professionals for this work comes with a price tag. This price tag depends upon multiple factors such as tree nature, location, and also the company’s name as well. No one wants to pay an extra amount of money for this work. So, here’s the main question that comes into the debate–how to negotiate Tree Removal? In this write-up, we will thoroughly explain the different aspects you need to keep in mind while negotiating for tree removal.

How Much Does Tree Surgeons Charge?

Before going directly into the negotiating part, let’s look at the pricing of this work. Tree removal charges vary up to a massive extent due to different factors. Here are the main factors,

Tree Location

It’s one of the main reasons why we talk about tree removal pricing. If the tree is located in a hard place, the charges will be higher. Besides this, if the tree is around the shrubs, it will cost more to be removed as the workers would have to clean the shrubs.

Tree Nature

Tree nature is another factor of variation in the price of tree removal. If a tree is quite solid and heavier, it would require high electrical machinery to do the job with perfection. This requirement will increase the price of work. Besides this, if a tree is harder to climb, or access to a tree is difficult, the rate of tree removal will be slightly higher as it will be riskier. Workers will have to use ropes to get the job done with extra precautions. 

Moreover, tree length is another major factor behind the variation in charges. If a tree is much taller, the risk factor becomes double as it can surely damage nearby properties. In this situation, tree surgeons charge more money for the extra effort to keep everything under control.

Professional Skill Set

Tree removal is a professional task that requires some skill set. Tree surgeons or tree services companies usually charge a higher amount of money because of the experience they have in this particular field and experience has worth.

Number of Labour

If there is a single tree to be removed, the required labour and time will be less. In contrast to this, an increase in the number of trees results in more labour and time. It eventually increases the overall cost of the work. You can apply the direct proportion rule here.

These factors have given you a rough estimate of the required costs. Now, how can you negotiate Tree Removal?

Here are some of the best tips you can apply to save some extra bucks. 

Best Tips for Negotiating Tree Removal

Keep the logs

Logs are of great value. Usually, the professionals charge an extra amount of money to carry the trim logs. Instead of paying them an extra amount, you can keep those logs as firewood. Apart from that, you can also sell those logs for some price tag. 

Clean up the trees on your own

Another good way to save money is to cut the branches and prune limbs yourself. This is a task that doesn’t require any professional experience or hard work. You can easily perform this task and negotiate for lower charges from tree services providers.

Remove the garbage around the trees

Tree service providers can cost some extra money to remove other materials around the trees. It can include bushes, electrical wiring, and other stuff. So, if you remove and clean the surrounding area of the trees on your own, tree service providers cannot charge an extra amount for this work. In short, remove any obstacle, hazard in the tree removal process by yourself to negotiate better.

Save money on stumps

A tree stump is the hardest part of tree removal. It is where the tree services usually charge a bit more. It usually costs around 100$. But, there is a choice for you to either go for by piece or by inch removal. 

Tree service providers usually charge around 2 to 3 USD per inch. Now, if the diameter of the tree to be removed is less, you can ask the service provider to get it done. Otherwise, you can rent out a stump shredder. The rental fee for a Stump shredder usually costs around 150-200$. It’s better to get the stump shredder in this situation.

Bulk work, negotiable charges

Tree service providers don’t usually offer special discounts if you have just one tree to be removed. However, if you have a good number of trees to be removed, then you can surely ask for set discounts. Tree service providers do offer discounts if you have a bulk project to offer. More work, more discounts! 

Avoid hiring the big names

Although big companies offer great services, they charge a hefty amount as well. They charge for their name and brand. If you want to save money, it’s better to go for a minor company instead of a major tree service provider. Minor companies mostly offer good service with comparatively less charges.

So, if you want to save money, go for minor companies. However, before making a deal, make sure that the company offers insurance. 


Finding a better tree service provider is easy. But, negotiating the terms and conditions with them is hard. We have described the best ways to negotiate better to get your services done pleasantly. 

Apply these tips, save money, and put the remaining work on us. We offer you the best tree removal services in the town with the best and most affordable pricing. We are not here to charge you extra but to serve you more.

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