Preventing Tree Failure Before A Tree Removal Is Required


In many ways, trees are beneficial to us. When limbs or whole trees fall on power lines, cars, houses, or people, they can cause serious damage. A weakened tree usually shows some symptoms of impending danger. It is often possible to manage risks associated with tree failures if you are aware of the warning signs and take prompt appropriate preventive measures.

Maintaining a record of the trees on your property as well as their condition will allow you to prevent storm failure. Establish a list of “key trees” and “key problems.” Key trees would be those that are most imperative to the property. The key problems are those that end up damaging or weakening key trees. Be aware of these key problems and protect your trees from tree failure or hazards by managing them.

Tree Failure

Whenever a tree or a large physical part of a tree breaks and falls, it is termed a tree failure. A tree falls when the load or the force applied to it is too strong. In Baxter’s Tree Services, we deal more with probabilities than certainty. There are several factors that impact the relative failure of trees, including age, species (particularly rooting and branching characteristics), and site.

Let’s move further and get an overview of how we can prevent tree failures before tree removal is required.

Measures to Prevent Tree Failure

Prevent Tree FailureHere we have brought a few prevention measures to save trees from failure. So, keep reading this.

1- Monitor The Key Trees 

You need to check out or monitor the key trees on your land regularly. As you know, a thorough investigation is essential to prevent accidents. Oak wilt season is when wounds are painted or pruned to prevent extensive damage across the tree. During this season, pruning of minor wounds may prevent trees from failure. Regardless of this minor hazard to trees, if you observe the wound is affecting or damaging your whole tree, you need to implement immediate corrective action to save the tree from further damage.

2- Proper Pruning of Trees

A pruning operation either corrects problems or causes them. The wrong pruning can create decay entry points, resulting in a wound that grows more extensive with time. By performing tree pruning properly, wounds should heal naturally, preventing decay from forming and spreading around the wounds. Generally speaking, smaller wounds are better to prune.

Further, pruning sealer, or pruning paint, is simply a waterproofing oil-based product sprayed on exposed wood after a branch or limb has been pruned. A tree may benefit from the application by acting as a sort of “bandage,” once it is painted on so that trees can heal underneath it and wouldn’t create any decay entry points.

3- Protection From Mechanical Wounding

Mechanical damage is a generalized term that describes damage to vegetation caused through the use of the equipment and during weather conditions. Simple carelessness or improper use of equipment can cause damage to vegetation.

The proper protection from mechanical injury can be provided by mulching trees, planting them in landscaped beds, or even staking them. It is believed that the use of lawnmowers and grass trimmers can cause tree wounds which can lead to decay. It only takes a short time for staples, snowplows, and any other wounding material to cause long-term damage. 

4- Appropriate Species

The use of appropriate species for each site is extremely important. Moreover, a tree must also be selected according to its location. When planning your plantings, remember to take into account both the mature height and width of the tree. Make sure to pick varieties that are suited to your geographical area as well as those that have the best resistance to common insects and diseases.

Using native species that are native to the area or accustomed to the site conditions would mitigate many of the problems faced by homeowners. And furthermore, they are less likely to prune to failure. It is impossible for weak, unhealthy trees that you selected to grow to become strong, healthy trees, and also they can pose a danger to your belongings.

5- Preventing Planting Mistakes

Proper tree planting is necessary for long-term tree survival, safety and health. One of the most common mistakes in tree planting is planting deeply which may lead to tree failure. Literature exists regarding proper planting techniques. Make sure to plant the tree at the right depth, but not too deep. It is advisable to place the first set of roots just below the soil surface. Moreover, if the planting hole is too small, it may make the tree fall to failure.

6- Maintain the Health of Trees

During times of stress, trees become more susceptible to problems including leaf scorch, decay, and diseases and insects that cause unrepairable damage. When sufficient nutrients are unavailable, trees need to be watered and fertilized regularly to maintain their health. Thus, if you think the trees on your land are vulnerable to any disease that can cause their failure, try to maintain their health by watering or fertilizing or seek the advice of a professional arborist.

The Takeaway

You know, tree failure is unpredictable. You can’t always predict exactly when and where they will fall. But taking preventative measures is the best option. Having a tree health program in place as soon as possible will help. Choosing the right trees and locating them correctly prevents trees failure. It is common to encounter tree failures when trees are bought and planted regardless of the original intention. 

In order to prevent tree hazards, proper tree management and care during construction projects are extremely important. Make sure you don’t create another problem by solving one. 

When in doubt, don’t forget to contact our trustable Baxter’s Tree Services and seek help from us to conduct an internal investigation of your tree or to determine the extent of the decay. Our pros-certified arborists are educated in many ways to diagnose tree diseases and help you prevent tree failure. You need to check out Baxter Tree Services, as they offer a wide range of high-quality services in several areas near Washington like Everson, Burlington,  etc. Get in touch with us through this website or by dialing our phone number.