Tree Removal Service In Lynden Washington

Welcome to Baxter’s Tree Service, your best local tree service Lynden experts. At Baxter’s Tree Service, we understand what difference trees can make in the enjoyability of your yard. There’s nothing better than a nice, big shady tree in the summer to keep you cool. Trees add value to your property, complement the appearance of your house, and provide a home to birds and wildlife. For all that trees give us, they are unfortunately often taken for granted. When ignored, trees can develop problems that can negatively impact their health and appearance. Fortunately, Baxter’s Tree Service is here to make sure that never happens.

Through careful trimming, we make sure that dead branches don’t pose a danger to you or your family. Our tree trimmers can remove any potentially dangerous branches, which also allows your tree to focus more of its precious resources on its healthy, living parts. Our regular maintenance can help your trees to grow strong and healthy, providing you with years of enjoyment. And for any dead wood on your property, we also provide tree removal and stump removal services. Don’t allow unhealthy or untamed trees to take away from what would normally be a beautiful yard. Let Tree Service Bellingham restore your trees to a state of natural beauty and health.

Isn’t it time you made the most of your yard? Let your trees shine with the full potential that you know they have. Residents of Lynden WA are encouraged to contact Baxter’s Tree Service today for all your tree removal and tree trimmer needs!


Our Services

If you have been delaying regular tree care or maintenance, wait no longer. Baxter’s Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured business. Our experienced and highly-skilled team members get the job done right the first time.



Baxter’s Tree Service is Bellingham and Whatcom County’s premier commercial and residential tree service provider. We can also provide landscaping services to help you completely overhaul your property’s landscaping.