Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary? Or Is It Better To Grind A Stump?


When a tree brings down and is demolished, the remaining thickest part with the strongest roots in the base and ground is a tree stump. Trees upload greenery and splendor to the land. Due to the presence of trees, we breathe fresh air. The question to ask before addressing my point about stump removal is why do we cut or remove trees? There are many reasons, mainly that a new and younger tree is better than the older one. The older trees take up more space and do not allow space for the planting of young trees. New trees soak up more nitrogen to improve air quality. Due to these reasons, it’s better to cut older ones. It seems tree removal does not cause any difficulties but stump removal is a rasping task.

Sometimes, after getting rid of a hazardous tree, this thought comes into our mind whether we should remove a stump or have nothing to do with it or simply leave it. Since the stump causes many negative effects on the garden, it’s a good idea to remove it as soon as possible. To get rid of the stump, we should call in an experienced contractor. 

Reasons For Tree Stump Removal

  • When the tree is just cut, a stump does not cause bigger issues, but as time passes it might be a place for termites and harmful insects. If we want to prevent our yard from future pests we should remove the stump. 
  • Tree stumps also create a mess in the yard and affect its elegance and appearance. Therefore, it lessens the cost of the garden by its ugliness.
  • It is also a pitfall for children while playing if they are kicked by a stump and get injured. 
  • They are strong enough to lift on and they also become houses for algae and harmful fungi. Algae is sticky and mucilaginous and looks uncanny.
  • When the stump is left, roots can even grow and go to a water drainage system under pipes and pollute water that is further used for household works then this stained water causes serious diseases. 
  • It occupies space for new trees. According to landscape experts, this area is not useful so the stump should be removed. And making this place is valuable for new and refreshing trees. 
  • If you leave the stump as it is and abandon it to rot, termites that stick to it also gain vicinity to other trees in the garden. Then even take ahead towards homes and cause discomposure.

By considering these reasons, it seems we should remove a stump to get rid of incalculable damages. Perplexity now is, if we grind the stump or remove it, which is better? 

Stump Removal or Grinding – Which one is Preferable

Although both these methods are used but have their own pros and cons.

  • Stump removal has not gained much applause and is a difficult one. Chainsaw and hand saws are mostly used to remove the stump and it requires more energy and time. And the yard is left with a big hole that looks weird. Other methods for stump removal are stub ignition and leaving it for decay. According to the Scandinavian Journal of forest research, the effect of stump removal on the properties of soil is minimal or literally not. But professionalists suggest that we tend to plant a tree in an exceedingly new place. Different stumps take a distinct period for removal according to the integrity and arduousness of the tree.
  • Stump grinding is not as exhausting as stump removal. In this, tree surgeons use the appropriate tool to tear down the stump and crush out material called mowings and organic matter. But roots are still present under 12inches after grinding of stubs and then affect the PH of the soil. Roots decay but it takes time. Stump grinding does not cause any pollution. Dust particles that arise from stump grinding do not proceed towards other plants’ surfaces. In short, it is preferable. Stump removal charges cost separately from tree removal and the arborist first asks about stump removal or not.
  • The speedy way to get rid of a stump is the use of chemicals without grinding. This is an intrinsic rotting process. KNO3 is mostly used in the chemical mechanism. It accelerates the wood rotting and decaying process. This method can also be used in spite of these two. But it causes serious effects on mineral resources.

Appointment of Stump Removal Experts

Either it is stump removal or grinding. We couldn’t do it on our own. we have to appoint experts who have knowledge of it. Because if we do it ourselves it is laborious for us. 

Firstly, we have to buy essential tools that might be expensive for us. And we have no knowledge of it at all. 

  • Stump removal professionals know how to handle each stump according to its shape and hardiness without damaging the earth’s surface. 
  • They also put off the mulch somewhere and we don’t need another one to remove mulch and debris.
  • They also think about proper shape after stump removal so that it does not become an eyesore for the yard.
  • Most obviously they save our precious time because experts handle it with their proper techniques and tools.

As a result, it is more prudent to appoint someone who is an expert in maintaining and preserving the earth’s surface. So we are able to grow the new plant in this place again. 

Final Suggestion

In summarizing all the reasons discussed above, stump grinding is a much better choice than stump removal. It also costs less than stump removal as it is not more time-consuming. When the stump is removed this place is imbued with this organic matter. The freed-up space expands the extent of your yard. There are many stump removers that speed up decaying processes are available at different sites.

But our priority should be to appoint professionals to fend off from damages. In this regard, our Baxter’s Excavation will always be available at your service. It also depends upon the shape and size of the stump whether it is 7hbvan older stab, and what you want to do with it in the future. Then you will be able to think which method should be opted but researches and experiences show that stump grinding is a better option.

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