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Common Services Offered by Arborists

There are many services that arborists provide. Before getting into the details of the services offered, it is important to understand the definition of an arborist. An arborist is a professional who has been trained in the art of caring for trees. Arborists are required to have an extensive knowledge of both the medical and structural issues that can affect trees, along with the proper methods by which to treat these problems safely and effectively.

Arborists typically offer four major services to people: tree planting, tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding. There are many other services that arborists offer as well. Some of these additional services include:

  • Tree Grading – Arborists will examine a property on an individual basis and provide estimates regarding the health of the trees at each location. They will also provide any necessary advice regarding pruning or removal, along with recommendations as to how much of each service is required in order to ensure overall tree health.
  • Tree Inspections-During a tree inspection, the arborist will examine all aspects of the individual trees on a given property. They will provide an estimate regarding the overall health of each and every tree on the property, and they will provide any advice concerning pruning or removal if necessary.
  • Tree Removal-While many homeowners choose to remove trees themselves, it is important to keep in mind that removing a tree improperly can cause serious damage to everything surrounding the tree. An arborist will know exactly how to safely remove a given tree in order to prevent injury to other structures.
  • Trimming-When a tree has grown too large and is blocking sunlight from reaching surrounding vegetation, it can be necessary to cut the tree back in order to allow more light through. An arborist will know how much of the tree needs to be removed in order to ensure optimum sunlight exposure for all plants on site.
  • Tree Planting-If a homeowner wishes to have a new tree placed on the property, an arborist can work with them as they plant their new tree. They will help ensure that the tree is planted in the correct place and in accordance with specific planting guidelines.
  • Tree Pruning-In order to maintain proper health, many trees require pruning. An arborist will know exactly how to prune a given tree in order to ensure proper health and growth.
  • Stump Grinding-While many people would be happy to simply remove the stump after cutting down a tree, it is important to maintain proper sanitation standards in urban areas and this means grinding the stumps instead of leaving them exposed. An arborist will know exactly how to grind a stump properly in order to ensure that it poses no risk of disease or injury.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Arborists 

Benefits-of-Hiring-Certified-Arborists Certified arborists must follow specific guidelines when it comes to tree care. Not only do certified arborists have the necessary knowledge and experience, but they also follow strict safety protocols that help protect everyone from injury or exposure to dangerous substances. By working with a certified arborist rather than trying to take on this job on their own, homeowners can rest assured that the job will be done safely and correctly.

Certified arborists are knowledgeable about all aspects of tree care. While they focus on trees, certified arborists often interact with landscape designers or other specialists who deal with the larger surrounding area. For example, when a homeowner hires an arborist to work on a specific tree, the arborist may suggest that some trimming be done in order to allow more sunlight into the yard. Working with an arborist means that they will have access to the knowledge and experience necessary to make such professional recommendations for overall landscape health as well.

Certified arborists are trained to recognize any associated risks. For example, a homeowner may want Skagit Tree Removal service that is located right next to their home in order to increase the amount of sunlight that falls onto the surrounding property. While this may seem like an excellent idea because it will lead to more productive plants and flowers on site, there are several problems associated with cutting down such a large tree too close to the home. For example, if a large branch falls toward the house while it is being cut down, it could potentially cause serious injury or structural damage.

By working with Baxter’s Tree Service qualifed arborists, homeowners can be sure that they are taking every precaution necessary in order to avoid such problems. Get in touch and have your trees protected and well-taken care of.