Who Removes Fallen Trees from Roads?

who removes fallen trees from roads

Trees are wonderful creations of nature with uncountable benefits from producing flavorsome food to removing carbon dioxide from the air to stop climate change. But, they fall unexpectedly from the roots and become disastrous for many individuals and stop the traffic. To address this issue the government has to take action to prevent this issue from getting worse. 

However, the local public is also responsible for removing these fallen trees from the road to prevent any big problems by notifying authorities. In this article, we will discuss the responsibilities of the public and government to prevent further damage due to tree fall. Moreover, we will cover how Baxters Tree Service is expanding their responsibilities to help remove trees from roads. 

Who Is Responsible for Removing Fallen Trees from Roads?

Local Government Authorities

Local government departments are responsible for clearing fallen trees to keep communities safe. They do this by quickly removing trees that block roads, and sidewalks, or pose a threat to people’s homes or power lines. This helps ensure that emergency services can reach people in need and that daily activities aren’t disrupted. Clearing fallen trees is vital for public safety and the smooth functioning of neighbourhoods.

Public Works Departments

Public works departments take care of public infrastructure like roads. When fallen trees block roads, they step in to remove them safely and quickly. They cover damage caused by fallen trees, making sure roads are safe for everyone to use. By maintaining and fixing roads affected by fallen trees, public works departments help keep communities connected and ensure smooth travel for everyone.

Emergency Services

When trees fall on roads, emergency services like fire departments act fast to keep everyone safe. They clear the area, making sure no one gets hurt. Firefighters also assess any damage to cars or buildings caused by the fallen trees. Their quick response helps prevent accidents and ensures that help reaches those in need during emergencies.

What to Do If You Find a Fallen Tree on the Road

When you witness a fallen tree on the road, immediately notify local municipal services. Or else, if the weight is less, you can move it to make a space for preventing incidents. 

Legal and Financial Responsibilities

Property Owner’s Liability

  • Property Owner’s Liability: Property owners may be liable for damages caused by fallen trees on roads or adjacent properties if they were negligent in maintaining their trees.
  • Act of God: Property owners may sometimes not be liable if the fallen tree was due to an “Act of God,” such as severe weather conditions.

Public Rights of Way

  • Responsibility for Removing Tree: Public right-of-way laws may assign responsibility for tree removal to the relevant authorities or property owners based on the location of the tree.
  • Cost Allocation: Costs for tree removal may be borne by the public authorities or passed on to property owners based on the applicable laws and regulations regarding public rights of way.

How to Prevent Fallen Trees on Roads

To keep roads safe, homeowners need to regularly look at their trees to prevent problems and damage. However, homeowner insurance is a widely problem-solving method to prevent issues due to a fallen tree. If they experience any issues, they should fix them instantly. They should also cut branches that hang over roads to stop them from falling during storms. Everyone should watch out for dangerous trees in their area and tell the authorities so they can check and fix them.

Reporting Fallen Trees

To report fallen trees, find your local authority’s hotline or website. Give details like the tree’s location and size. Follow up if needed. Spread the word to neighbours for safety. Reporting helps crews respond faster.


What Should I Do if I Encounter a Fallen Tree on the Road?

When attempting to Encounter a fallen tree on the road, the ideal move is to Alert authorities about your concern and ask them how can I create some space for resuming the traffic seamlessly. 

However, If the weight is heavy, refrain from moving it unless trained professionals arrive to remove it from the road. 

What Should I Do if I Find a Fallen Tree Blocking a Road?

If you identify a fallen tree obstructing a road try to resume traffic by removing it with the other people who are stuck in a similar situation if possible. 

Make sure to prioritize safety to prevent any problems. However, the ideal approach is to inform authorities to resolve this concern as soon as possible to resume the flow of traffic seamlessly. 

Can I Be Held Liable for a Tree From my Property Falling on a Road?

If you are a Property owner, you might be responsible for damage caused by fallen trees according to governmental rules and the situation. 

Always consult local regulations and seek professional advice if you are unsure.  For expert advice, you can consult with a professional who helps in removing fallen trees.

Baxter Tree Services – Your Partner in Safety and Efficiency

Trees provide various solutions, but they can fall unexpectedly and block roads. To resolve this issue, you must consult with Baxters Tree Services to remove road-blocking trees safely.

Baxter Tree Services is great at quickly and efficiently removing trees which helps keep roads safe and easy to use. Regardless of the size of the tree, the professional of Baxter Tree Services is available 24/7 to help in emergencies. With their professional tools and experienced team, they can handle any tree removal job effectively, making sure roads stay open and safe for everyone. Here’s the expert tree removal service to help you remove the fallen trees on the roads. So, contact Baxters tree service today or visit our website for comprehensive service information and support. Your safety is our priority! 

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