Tree Fertilization – Is it Necessary? | A Complete Guide


It is often said that we are presently fighting a war on the three feet of the tree – roots, trunk and branches. This, of course, refers to the trees’ response to the external agents that threaten the trees’ survival – namely pollution, soil erosion and excessive watering. Most of these factors affect the soil directly, which is where most (but not all) trees benefit from the presence of soil nutrients and nitrogen. They also add to the deadened feeling when it comes to watering and fertilizing.

Concerning the latter, many agribusinesses have developed the expression – “lower your watering and fertilizing requirements,” which puts the whole responsibility of being a true advocate on the plant itself. Though the two “tree friends” and products, truffles and ginseng, have amazing effects in certain circumstances, they are not the only answer to this “tough nut” of a problem.

Many would argue that organic fertilizers and the taking of essential nutrients from the soil, such as the long-life nitrogen and phosphorus, is of no significance if the soil is too wet. In this situation, the tree’s roots get squeezed by the water, which slows down its production of new leaves, reduces its productivity and increases its susceptibility to disease.

However, if we talk about tree fertilization then it is necessary to fertilize the trees’ soil and roots. It is also essential to fertilize the trees’ bark which are areas that are the initial layers of the tree. These areas absorb a high level of the nutrients from the soil and use them for their vital purpose of the tree. Let’s see what are those reasons that say tree fertilization is really necessary:

1. Protect the tree roots from drying

When the trees grow in the soil and wait for the next rainy season, the roots start drying up because the moisture levels in the soil go down in proportion to the decreasing size of the roots. But fertilization gives the tree the right amount of moisture which helps to restore its root system. Therefore, tree fertilization is of great importance to any farmer to protect its roots from drying up.

2. Improve tree growth rate

When the tree grows and the tree roots expand the tree’s growth is mostly dependent on the application of fertilizer to its root system. Fertilization strengthens the root system and boosts the tree growth rate. The most critical of the basic plant nutrients to be fertilized is nitrogen because it is an essential nutrient for the growth of the tree. When you add fertilizer to the soil, it improves the root systems of the trees and helps them grow faster. Therefore, when you decide to fertilize your trees, you can do it through natural means.

3. Increase leaf-pushing efficiency

When you want to grow the trees, you need to make a big hole to make the trees grow. However, if the tree roots do not expand in the early stage, the size of the roots remains very small. Then, you cannot push the leaves out properly. But, if you fertilize the trees, the root system of the tree gets big and they grow faster which results in a strong base for the trees to grow.

4. Increase the efficiency of water usage

As we all know trees consume a large amount of water to grow. But there is a catch. If the tree does not get enough water, then its root system will not expand which will result in a weak root system which will also result in a weak tree. Fertilizing the tree increases water usage which improves the tree’s growth rate and root system. The most critical of the soil nutrients that should be fertilized in the early stage of plant growth is nitrogen.

5. Raise the amount of fruit yield

Each season when the trees are in their top growth then it is time to fertilize the trees. Then, the tree’s fruit production increases and makes it more profitable for you. Therefore, your trees grow quicker and you can make more profit out of them.

6. Increase tree health

If your trees are not healthy then you will not be able to sustain them. Fertilization helps in the growth and health of the trees. It keeps the trees strong and gives them nutrients. So, fertilize your trees when they are young and healthy.

7. Protect the trees from fire and insects

There are a lot of enemies that come near your trees and cause problems for them. Also, insects cause a lot of damage to the trees. They bite the trees and cause them harm. So, make sure you fertilize your trees before the beginning of spring or in the middle of the summer because the trees do not grow a lot during those times.

8. Increase wood yield

The wood yield of the tree will depend on the kind of trees you are growing. If you want to increase the wood yield then make sure that you use the best fertilizer that you can get. In this way, you can increase the wood yield of the trees.

9. Give your trees a good look

When you grow trees, you need to give them a good look as you will notice them later on. But, with the ageing of trees, you do not care to look after your trees. Therefore, fertilize your trees to give them a good look and increase the price of your trees.

10. Remove damage done to the tree

If there are any damages to the tree then you should remove them as soon as possible as it will not be profitable for you to grow trees in the area if it causes damage. So, make sure that you fertilize the trees before the beginning of winter so that they can get a new start in the new season.

The Final Frame:  

Fertilization of trees is the most common practice done in the modern agriculture and gardening world. As this process helps in the growth of trees in the best possible way. But it is the most critical task in the business of growing trees. You need to fertilize your trees when they are young and healthy. 

If you want to have a green and profitable business then your priority is to do the fertilization of your trees in the early stage of growth. In this way, you can enjoy the benefit of the investment made and will make more profits from it.