Can A Tree Die From Pruning? Everything You Need To Know Before Tree Pruning


Can a tree die from pruning? When tree pruning is done incorrectly and not at the proper time then the tree could die. What does tree pruning mean? Pruning a tree means reducing parts of plants that are not essential for growth. It is basically used for trees and shrubs. It defense trees against diseases and promotes growth. Wrong pruning causes damage to the appearance and healthy growth of plants. It is important for improving the structure and appearance of trees.

Although tree pruning is detrimental then why do we prune a tree?

When trees are pruned properly, they do not die, they merely benefit. When we prune a tree, it removes dead and broken branches. If we remove dead branches, the tree will be left with only healthy branches which then can get fresh sunlight easily to prepare food. It also adds greenery and a more refreshing environment. Moreover, pruning trees increases the efficiency and fertility of trees because dead branches are removed. But we will take these advantages only if we use the right pruning method and the best pruning tools.

We should know the following facts if we want to prune a tree, so we save our tree without hurting and damaging it. We have to avoid these mistakes while trimming.

Avoid Improper pairing down of trees

  • The appropriate method to prune a tree is to make easy cuts simply beyond the neck of the department and to make all cuts on branches at approximately a 45 degrees angle.
  • Improper pruning causes bark harm and flakes. Flush cuts damage the tissues of the stem. And, stain cuts put off wound closure and might supply entry to carcinogenic fungi that kill cambium, retard or prevent the formation of injured wood.
  • Lion tailing and heading cuts should also be avoided. Lion tailing is excessive pruning by cutting the underside of branches. It results badly in the photosynthetic process. Wrong timing of heading cuts affects the flourishing and prosperity of the tree.

Avoid over-pruning

Over pruning at any time stops plant growth at tips and plants are more exposed to diseases. Cutting off branches, again and again, removes tree mineral storage capacity. It is the most usual mistake done by inexperienced workers. Over-cutting damages the appearance of the tree and its main structural stability. Furthermore, over-pruned bushes now no longer normally die if a few parts of the canopy are left, so it might now no longer kill your tree. The long-term effects of related strain on shrubs and timber can be deadly.

We can make a solution to this problem by; first taking experience, only cutting damaged branches, and waiting for healthy growth of trees.

No pruning at inappropriate times

There is the proper time to every work. All things happen well at their appropriate time, so there is also a proper time for pruning. Winter is the high-quality season for pruning since in this season prune trees heal rapidly beforehand of Spring. In Autumn, plants utilize food storage products if pruning these days loses plant reservoirs.

You won’t be able to see plant blossoms during the Springtime as you prune a tree. In Summer, water availability for trees is already in less amount, cutting branches these days plays a negative role on trees. Trees are in front of the burning sun and cause the death of trees. So pruning is not recommended in the growing season.

Tree-topping is dangerous

When a tree is topped, its structural integrity is destroyed. Topping seems not only to remove the top of the tree, but also affects its food-making capacity, and drains tree energy storage capacity. Tree topping is not the right practice for managing trees. Due to topping, trees become weak and only small branches are left and are more vulnerable to wind storms. 

Residents might imagine topping is what they ought to ask for once they appoint a person to prune their tall trees, however, it’s not. Topping trees is no longer an accurate concept and should no longer be practiced in any way.

Using proper pruning tools

Pruning tools are also known as hand pruners or loppers. They are effective sufficient to reduce robust and difficult branches. Pruning and cutting can be done with many types of instruments. Among the most common are bypass pruners, which act like scissors. Many inappropriate tools cause harm to branches and the shape of trees. These tools should be sharpened regularly not to harm a tree and inappropriate cuts.

Avoid damage to tree’s bark

The thickest and strongest part of the tree consists of all tissues and non-functional phloem cells. It is essential for the safety of trees. Any harm to bark is dangerous to the tree. Therefore, a person who knows about bark cutting should do this mechanism. Impairment to bark from pruning branches may be prevented with the aid of a three-step cutting approach/3- cut method for branches.

  • 1st cut on the inner side is like an ending site for shred bark.
  • 2nd cut across the branch remains a stub.
  • 3rd and final cut far away from the branch collar.

Does a tree develop again after pruning?

Some weak branches don’t grow again after pruning, cutting off dead branches adds greenery to the garden. It depends on the texture and structure of the tree how it bears breaking and cutting. At the same time, too much pruning of the same tree causes death and decay of the tree. So it is based on a few features of tree conformity.

The Takeaway

By considering all these facts, I come to the point that only one incorrect injury is not the cause of the death of a tree. Everything has its good and bad points. If a tree tugs out from its roots, its growth completely stops. Trimming many times with inappropriate tools causes the death of the plant. Ordinary cuts to a tree could be managed by pruning sealers as they provide coverage to sap and wound parts of the tree. 

In short, if we consider the advantages of pruning in comparison to its damages we can prune a tree but to certain limits and the possibility is that it should not cause the death of the tree. If you are still stuck or have any questions in your mind regarding tree pruning and the damages it can cause, contact our Baxter’s tree Services. We are just a click away from you.