Why You Should Avoid DIY Tree Removal


When you browse the internet, you will realize that DIY enthusiasts try to paint a picture that encourages you to do most of the tasks yourself. However, there are some risks that are not worth taking in the name of the DIY spirit and tree removal is one such task. As a matter of fact, studies show that tree removal is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. In theory, DIY tree removal may appear like an easy task as long as you have a ladder and a chainsaw. This is far from the truth as there are many factors that go into the process.

Cutting down a tree takes a lot of planning, experience, and skills. Before considering DIY tree removal, you should be clear on the potential dangers and risks that you will be exposing yourself to. Many people have used chainsaws to cut down some branches, which end up falling in the wrong direction. In this article, we will go through all these dangers and show you why you should leave this task to professional arborists.

Why is DIY Tree Removal Risky?

In all honesty, there are tons of risks that are involved in DIY tree removal and it is best to avoid them altogether. Here are some of the potential hazards:

  • Gravity Issues

Cutting is the easiest part of the process of felling a tree. However, when the tree starts to fall, you will not have any control over the direction it will fall. With DIY tree removal, these are issues that are not put into focus and as such, many hazards and accidents are bound to happen.

  • Injuries and Falling Risks

Any logical person will inform you that the best way to remove trees is by cutting down the branches first. This means that you will have to scale the trees to the height of the branches. Since this is not a common experience for you, there is a very high likelihood of falling. When this happens, you will end up with serious injuries not to mention that you will also have a running chainsaw with you.

  • Dangers of Falling Branches

When a tree is being removed, there are branches and a lot of debris that keeps falling. These may limbs and branches that fly all over need to be managed. Failure to do that, the people on the ground as well as your structures may be damaged. With the DIY tree removal, your capacity is limited and there is so much that could go wrong.

  • Dead and Decaying Trees

Due to a lack of proper equipment, most DIYers scale trees using branches and limbs. Sadly, you may encounter a dead or decaying limb, which will not be able to support your weight. A professional tree service company will have experienced arborists who will inspect trees before commencing the removal.

  • Chainsaw Risks

The chainsaw is commonly used in removing trees and when not handled properly it can be a death trap. During the tree removal process, your chainsaw may hit a hard object which forces it to recoil in a forceful manner. This can cause serious injuries to the person using the chainsaw especially if they do not have much experience with such equipment.

These are some of the risks that are associated with DIY tree removal. Even if you have a young or a small tree that needs to be removed, it is best to have a qualified and certified arborist working on such tasks.

Safe Tree Removal

There are certain regulations and procedures that have been provided for removing trees. As a safety measure, you will need to get council approval before felling a tree. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of skills and equipment to complete the task of removing a tree. Most people who want to engage in DIY tree removal assume that they just need a chainsaw for the work.

There are so many other tools and machinery required to safely remove trees like ropes, cranes, wood chippers and so much more. Professional arborists follow certain safety procedures so as to protect their clients. And also make sure there is no damage to the property. Always find an expert to help with all Skagit tree removal services.

Final Thoughts

Are you contemplating DIY tree removal? Please reconsider the decision and find a professional expert for the task. Our team of certified arborists is ready to provide affordable and safe tree removal services. Contact us today for more information and to get a free quote.