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Land clearing & Brush Removal

Baxter’s Tree Services is located in Mount Vernon, Washington. We service all of Skagit, Whatcom, Island & North Snohomish counties.

We provide the least destructive and low impact brush removal services in the area. Mulching vegetation like blackberry bushes and other unwanted brush keeps all the nutrients on site. When you remove and haul away debris it slowly removes the nutrients from your soil.

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Eco-Friendly Land Management

If you have been a land owner for a while or if you are a new land owner it doesn't take too long to realize that things grow and change all the time. Keeping your land healthy and beautiful can be time consuming and expensive. It doesn't take to long for nature to take over and become inconvenient. Eventually, you will need to do something about it and that's where we come in! We have invested in top of the line commercial equipment to get rid of anything from blackberry invasions to over crowded forested land with the lowest impact and carbon footprint.

Additional Benefits

Baxter's approach to land management is as honest as it gets. Our low impact and eco friendly approach to forestry mulching and field mowing preserves the nutritional value of your land. Removing unwanted brush and vegetation not only reduces the risk of wild fires by over 50% but it also returns the nutrition that the surrounding trees need to grow and fight off or prevent disease.

In addition to brush, new trees will also start to propagate and compete with each other for space and nutrition. With our mulching equipment we can leave preselected trees undisturbed and remove those that have started growing in a place that will not allow them to thrive with enough space from other surrounding trees.

A second benefit of keeping your land cleared regularly is wildlife mitigation. Several types of rodents and wildlife will easily make a home of untamed land. When rodent and other small wild life moves it start to make a nice home other larger predatory wildlife to move in.

Additionally by mulching vegetation and brush it leaves behind a thick layer or material the will not only begin to decompose and provide nutrition over time but it also acts as a barrier between the soil and new seedlings so it essentially acts as a mulch barrier that retains moisture and temperature for tree roots but also aids in preventing weeds that normally grow and spread to other parts of your property like a nice manicured lawn nearby or a neighbors property.

Multiple applications

Our mulching equipment is not only good for brush removal and forestry mulching but we also use it for clearing land and site prep for a new construction project. Having the brush and small trees cleared from the land makes it easier to perform dirt work and grading with excavation equipment. After 20+ years in this industry we have come to the conclusion that this is by far the most budget friendly and ecological approach to land management that we use in almost all of our projects.

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